A downloadable game for Windows

It all starts an evening in an ordinary neighbohood. A baby is born, but she is 

abandonded by her parents. After growing in an orphanage, one a day appears a

 family that wants to adopt her. It seems like this is a chance for a new beggining...

Game made by George Katsianos aka Winterwolf Icewind with Visual Novel Maker.

This is a free game.

I hope you enjoy this game!

If you do, let your friends know about it!

Copyright George Katsianos 2018

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel

Install instructions

This game is an .exe file. Just double click to play it.

Only for Windows.


VN_LucyW_P1.exe 961 MB


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Hmmmmm, that is a big file. I think you should cut out any files like scenes,character sprites, music, etc that you are not using in the game. It might be hard for people with slow internet or limited data usage to download the game. Also you put your toolbar on the right too!!!!!!! :D